Online Review: We designed a series of websites for courses at Florida State University using the Blackboard course delivery system. Hosted on an external server, the Online Review web pages load into Blackboard and provide students with material from lectures and links to relevant external websites. Click the graphic for some sample screen shots (pdf format).
Deviance & Social Control
  Radio Free Bellamy: This website will contain PowerPoint slide shows for use in undergraduate courses. The initial show posted on this website demonstrates the "constructionist" and "objectivist" views of social problems with a humorous, but accurate depiction of the "Perils of Peanut Butter." Click the graphic to view the show.
Radio Free Bellamy One of our community service projects is a website developed for the Leon High School tennis team. This site is linked to the primary website for Tallahassee Leon High School and features news, photos, scores, and team rosters as well as a periodic column by the Leon High tennis coach.